The Course

Our course has been specifically designed to give our learners a deep dive into the world of coffee. With a mixture of theory and practical lessons they’ll gain knowledge and hands-on experience of what it means, not just to be a barista, but to interact with customers in the local community.

Course Content

Learn some interesting facts behind coffee such as when did people begin to drink coffee, how has it evolved through time and become a commodity?

Proceed through the process of coffee from farm to cup.
– Farming

     – Seeding, harvesting, shipping and roasting

– Coffee bean and roast selection

     – Type of coffee beans

     – Coffee blends vs. single origin

– Brewing

     – Get to know your equipment: calibration, extraction, tamping and more

     – Tasting and scoring your espresso 

Gain hands on experience how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

– Pouring techniques

     – height, position, flow

– Steaming the milk

     – Adding a latte art design to the pour

Visit different “expressions” of coffee shops, to understand how each appeals to its customer base. Get involved as a customer, to understand how baristas interact with the community and are a listening ear to the customer.

After Course Content (Employment)

Recieve mentorship with from our team. The can help you walkthrough your CV to consider your experience and how to fit it in the context of a positions within the hospitality industry. Along with assistance on how to manage yourself and answer questions in an interview.

Once your course is completed it’s time to step into employment. With opportunity to apply to work at the Peak coffee kiosk or step further into the community by taking part in a 2 week placement with one of our local partner coffee shops.

Feel the need to take it a step further? We offer personal mentorship to understand the nuances to starting and operating your own coffee shop. This will cover guidance on:

– Setting up a company

– Finding a venue

– Getting equipment

– Marketing

– Policies

– and more…