About Us

Our Mission

Peak exists to provide education, mentoring and employment opportunities for the unemployed within the ever developing coffee industry.

Our Structure

We are a Community Interest Company (CIC). Meaning we are specifically designed for positive social purpose, and answer to the CIC regulator to make sure our actions reflect that.

Our History

Peak began as the Becoming a Barista (BAB) course, a desire from Jed to utilise his skills as a barista and local business owner within the community, to train people in the Lewisham borough. Dave partnered with Jed to see this desire become a reality, running several of these courses, with the later addition to the team of Derek.

The course previously operated through partnerships with the council, with funding and temporary premises provided by local businesses. Attendees have provided positive, and constructive, feedback on the course, and we have seen many thrive, with outcomes ranging from simply having increased confidence to establishing their own cafes.